We Nose A Real Stinko!

And Curzon Promotional Graphics was there to help!

The Amazing Stinko, aka the Titan Arum, is one of the most rare flowers in the world! This flower is the largest unbranched flower and puts off one AMAZING STINKO! 
The Amazing Stinko in all it's glory!

When Lauritzen Gardens worked three years to grow one, they needed some help to celebrate the bloom of the amazing flower! Curzon was there to help out by printing banners, indoor and outdoor signs, and sandwich boards.
Sandwich Sign

It was a true celebration for one of the stinkiest things you will ever smell!
Hanging Banners

You might have missed this exhibit, but be sure to check out other great exhibits at Lauritzen Gardens! And next time you have a big event to celebrate, call on the experts: Curzon Promotional Graphics.
Exterior Hanging Signs

We will do everything to make your even special not matter if it's big, small, stinky, or tall! 
Hanging Banner & Styrene Sign

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