We Are Taking A Pole

What's the best use of "Poles" around your business? 
1. Promote Events & Products
Got something big planned for your town?? Let everyone in the community know with Street Pole Banners. They can't miss noticing banners on each pole as they drive around town.

2. Identify Your Community
If you want to add to the image of your community, Avenue Banners are a great choice for you!  They are a great way to let everyone know that you are proud of your community and care about what your community looks like!

3. "Tis The Season
Poles displaying holiday themes are a great addition to your town to make a seasonal display truly delightful!

4. Show Your Team Spirit
Cheer on your favorite sports team or make your own sporting event extra official with Pole Banners of your favorite Team and Mascot! No one will ever say that you don't have team spirit with these!

5. Show Your School Spirit
Campus banners promote the school's logo, tag lines, and overall image of the campus. They increase school pride and cultivate your schools unique identity.

 Poles around your place of business, school, or community can be one of those "missed" areas that if utilized can really make a statement! They are a perfect opportunity to beautify your community and a great way to spread your message to large amounts of viewers.

If you don't believe us, just check out what we did for the University of Nebraska-Omaha campus! GO MAVS!

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