Wrap More Than Gifts This Season!

Be Creative With Your Wraps

We offer customized wraps for all types of products!

When most people think of wraps, they think of a vehicle wrap. But here at Curzon, we can wrap almost anything! 

Freezers, Refrigerators, Gun Safes, Doors, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Bikes, Motorcycles,
Zambonis and so much more!
We can wrap almost anything! Check out some below!

Vinyl Wrapped Gun Safe

Check out this vinyl wrapped gun safe! It's a  great way to disguise your firearms and add some interest to any room! 

Vinyl Wrapped Freezer

This freezer was brought to us with damage on the outside. We were able to wrap it for Cold Stone Creamery and make it look like new! 

Custom Bike Trailer

This trailer is 18x7'' and holds four Harleys! With that many bikes in the back we knew it needed the best looking custom wrap on the road! This colorful wrap was meant for Burnin' Up Rubber on the open roads across the USA! And with the beautiful scenic views on every side of this trailer you are sure to notice it! 

Zamboni Vehicle
As we said above, we branch out beyond your standard vehicle wrap! We can almost wrap anything as long as it has a smooth surface. The Zamboni is one of the most watched displays at a hockey game! It's a great place to advertise your business and really does catch all the spectators attention! 

To learn more about our products come check out our website at www.curzongraphics.com 
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